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Interior-w-GunsAs a gun owner, you carry great responsibility not just while using it but also when not in use. Steelwater Extreme Duty – Gun Forest safes are one of the ways of safe storage of your weapon. Putting your firearm in a gun safe means that there are no thefts, unwanted access to it by kids or anyone else who is not intended to use. Now that you have a gun and you have decided to buy a gun safe too, the next consideration you should make is to find a suitable place to install it. Check it out by browsing some gun safe related websites and reviews to get an idea. It should be a location which is quickly and easily accessible to the owner so the gun can be used when an emergency. The safe should also be fire and waterproof so that the weapon is not damaged due to extreme weather or fire when in the gun safe. The location of the gun safe can be any of the following and also tells you why these were chosen as an option.


It is a good place to put your gun safe when the weapons in it are not for safety. If you have various types of guns and is used for hunting or any other sport, then the basement is a suitable location. But if the purpose of having a weapon is not for hunting or a game but security, then it does not make great sense to place it in the basement. Another plus of using your basement as a safe gun location is that access is restricted, you will not have visitors, guests or even children coming to basement often. Moreover, the basement flooring is well suited to hold the heavy object and bolt it securely to prevent it from being stolen.

The disadvantage of storing it in the basement is that it can experience a lot of humidity due to lack of air. Moisture can damage the guns, and hence you should invest in gun safes which can withstand. If you stay in an area prone to floods, then there are chances of your basement getting inundated, and you should consider all the aspects including the type of gun safe before deciding on the location.


This place is perhaps the best place to get your gun safe installed. It is accessible only to people who use the room and is not frequented by visitors. Thus it is safe from anyone accessing your safe also installing the safe in your bedroom prevents thefts. The primary advantage of having a gun safe in your bedroom is ease of access. In the middle of the night when there is an intrusion, you can quickly get hold of the gun and protect yourself and your family from danger. If you place the gun anywhere else, you will lose out on time as the intruder will be ahead of you all the time.

Now that you have decided the room, it’s time to choose where to place your gun. Depending on the side of the weapon you can choose the closet, dresser or one of the bedroom corners. Ensure that the place is safe and secure and there is no damage to the gun.

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