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Turapur Water Pitchers

In the 21st century, some of the most common diseases can be avoided by drinking the right amount of water every day. But what happens when the water source itself is contaminated? This is where the Turapur water pitcher comes in. It is a new way of filtering drinking water so that the newly filtered watered is hydrogen rich, which studies have shown is better for maintaining youthful countenance and wellbeing.

Everywhere, the Turapur Water Pitcher Review have been all the hype as this innovative filtration system is one that has never been seen before on any similar filtration devices. In fact, it is currently the only filtration system that creates clean, hydrogen-rich filtered water.

It is already a well-known and documented fact that drinking water is an extremely healthy habit, one that could potentially save one’s life in the long run. However, by drinking hydrogen-enriched water, not only are you drinking water but are also helping the boy combat against free radicals. As stated on Drugs.com, humans get most of their nutrition and antioxidant fighting abilities (the ability to stop free radicals from the atmosphere from harming us internally and externally) from the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Since hydrogen has the same antioxidant property, it can be used to maintain the balance of free radicals in the body.

By drinking water that is rich in hydrogen, these needs are met and the overall effect is said to be a lower risk of contracting diseases, gaining energy for more daily activities and reducing aging effects on the body.

The creators of Turapur claim that the pitcher uses a series of special mineral layers within the filter. The hydrogen-richness of the water occurs in two stages. In the primary filtration stage, activated carbon is use to clear the water from unwanted smells and tastes. Then, it is passed through a resin layer which removes salts from the water, softening it. The second stage is where the magic happens. The filters contain a mixture of infrared ceramics, magnesium and tourmaline.

The magnesium is used to separate some of the hydrogen ions from the oxygen by pairing oxygen atoms together. This begins creating a reservoir of excess hydrogen ions. By using infrared ceramic composites and tourmaline, which is a gemstone, the excess hydrogen are attached again to the oxygen molecules, thus creating a hydrogen-rich water source.

The Turapur is a simple easy to use water filtration system. Note that it is classified as a water filtration unit rather than a purification unit as its main purpose is to add hydrogen to drinking water. It works similar to other conventional water filters on the market. Water is poured in through the top of the pitcher, filtered through a series of filters and is collected at the bottom. Since there is no need for any manual manipulation of the filters, it is user friendly and can be used anywhere and at any time. Invest in a healthier future for your family with Turapur water pitcher.

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