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Stock Trading is an online trading service offering trade analysis or verification, trading courses and trading chat rooms. This online trading platform is home to several well-known traders and offers an array of features. It is a unique trading platform serving as a hub and connecting visitors to various trading guru’s products. It also tracks live trading performance of real money and facilitates interaction with the community of traders. Before deciding to indulge in trading, you can gain knowledge about this process and learn to trade by reading Review as the review will give you an idea about the nuances of the trading process. tracks and posts the trades that are linked to the online brokerage accounts automatically so that opt-in traders and gurus rank and track the overall trading performance systematically. Similar to a leaderboard, it posts the results of top traders categorized by time period such as one day, 30 days, 90 days, one year and all time. It is a platform that lets traders share their trades and performance online. The website displays the statistics of the brokerage account. While there are a few other online brokers that let account holders see the trades of others, it is important to be a client to these brokers to access the details.

How is different from the other trading platforms

On the contrary, lets any trader access tools that are needed to show his or her performance. It is a free service letting users track profits, verify their trading record, get listed on leaderboards of the site and comment on the performance of other traders. There is also a paid service that adds real-time alerts and other additional analytics tools. These are aimed to providing more data on the trades made by others. Also, there is an option to keep their profile private with this subscription service.

Timothy Skyes, a stock trader is behind this website and he specialises in penny stocks. He says that is focused on showing something that has never been done in all trades. It serves two purposes – creation of public track records for stock gurus, students and newsletter creators and allowing everyone learn from wins and losses of other stock traders. offers many tools for stock traders involves many teachers and stock gurus and Timothy Sykes is one of them. He is touted to be one of the best traders with the highest profits. Eventually, he is quite famous in the stock trading industry. If you sign up to get trained by Sykes, you can access a huge variety of tools such as

SMS and email stock pick alerts
Private chat room
Watch lists with trades
Weekly video library

Also, his section of this website has a library of over 700 training videos and the same is expanding constantly. Numerous people across the world have already signed up for this service and many of them have started earning in millions. The real-time alerts and watch lists are the most important capabilities with the Sykes program.

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