Which Is Best? Waxing Vs Epilators?

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Waxing Vs Epilators

Many women use waxing method till now to remove the hair from several parts of the body. After waxing, you will get a silky, smooth skin that improves your beauty. Waxing is a sticky emulsion made up of honey and oil. Initially Egyptians women use waxing, later Greeks follow the same trend. Romans followed the same method and they also perform hair removal with the help of depilatory creams and tweezers.

Hope everyone is familiar with the waxing process. It is a very effective process where a single pass can remove a large amount of hair in very less time. This is the biggest advantage of waxing and also the waxing skin lasts for eight weeks to grow again. Though it is an effective method, it irritates the skin, makes skin red and bumps for sensitive skin people. Another disadvantage is the process is sticky and messy. In recent days, there are many ways to eliminate the unwanted hair. Women can either use waxing, hot stripes, tweezing or epilators. Top Epilator is little expensive than the average model.

Here are some of the tips of waxing which you should follow before waxing next time. You should not wax after sunbath or tanning since this will damage epidermis. Once you applied hot wax on the skin, pulling it may peel some layers of skin and it makes visible bruises. You should not go immediately to public swimming pools or hot tub bath since this can easily cause skin infections. The skin damages in waxing process and improperly maintained water is the breeding place for bacteria. You must avoid waxing when you have acne or sensitive skin.

Some people don’t like the sticky waxing process and it is also a time-consuming process. They are very comfortable in suing epilators. Epilators mean an electrical device to remove the entire hair from the root. Using epilators removes the hair faster than tweezing method and it is also cleaner and safer than using hot strips or hot wax. The epilators are available in different price value based on that the features may vary. Expensive epilators have multiple rotating speed and strength.

Epilators are very easy to operate, and there will be no messy work. It takes only less time to make your legs, arms silky in just 30 minutes. When continuing this process for some time, your hair becomes less coarse when it grows again. If you are a newbie using epilators, then you can experience pain in the initial few days, and some people face missed hair during epilating.

When epilating, it is recommended to shower first and let the skin dry for some time before you start epilating. You must run the epilator in upward position against the hair growth direction. If required, you can even change the direction to make sure smooth skin after the completion of the process. After epilating, there will be redness or bump in the skin. It is better to epilate before you go out for an event or party so that the side effects may disappear and the skin looks smooth.

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